Sharon's Catering, Full Sutton, York

Sharon runs a catering van on the Full Sutton Industrial Estate, serving up hot and cold food to the many businesses on the estate.

After a recent refurbishment of her van Sharon enlisted the help of The Tarpaulin Co. to design a unique solution.

The requirements were threefold: Sharon wanted to enhance the outlook of the van, help to reduce the amount of weather that her customers were exposed to whilst queuing to be served, and also help to reduce the amount of draught that was allowed to enter the van during the colder months, thus increasing not only her own welfare, but that of her staff.

The Tarpaulin Co. stepped in with a bespoke solution consisting of:

Green and white PVC vinyl skirting fitted to the bottom of the trailer, and 2 green and white PVC vinyl side panels incorporating clear window panels. The sides were manufactured with DOT eyelet and turn button system to enable the easy removal and fitting dependant on whether the serving hatch was in use, or folded down for the evening.


Bespoke tarping system