We were first contacted in mid-2020 by Mr R who required a bespoke tarpaulin panel for the right-hand side of his garage. After initially discussing ideas over the phone and exchanging drawings via email, we designed a 100% bespoke cover to match the contours of his wooden garage.

The tarpaulin was manufactured with a pocket in the bottom to accept a 1″ steel tube. This allows Mr R to roll-up the tarpaulin with ease and drive in/out. The tarpaulin was fixed to the top via wooden beading. We installed a heavy-duty clear window section to allow light into the garage when working inside.

In early 2021 we were contacted again – this time with a request to cover the left-hand side of the garage front.

In much the same manor we provided drawings for Mr R to approve. This time, though, he requested a ‘zip door’ to allow even easier entry to the inside (as the whole front would now be covered, not just half). We installed a window section to the right of the panel and put the zip neatly to the left.

See these wonderful panels fitted below.